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With the rise of COVID-19, it is as important as ever to make sure that cleaniliness is pritioritized in our homes as well as our business and work enviroments. With quarantine being lifted more and more, day by day,  we hav eto make sure that we are just as vigilant in the outside world as we were in our home sfor the past year. Most people are excited to be able to get out into the world and experience normal social activities again, without the previous restrictions sanctioned upon us. This means that people will be filling up stores, malls, events, busineses, etc., and whle the virus is not as prevalent as it was months ago, we ahve to make sure that we do our part and keep it that way. We do our part making sure that we keep facilities safe by cleaning and disinecting surfaces to miniize thr risk of outbreaks reocurring. Read more in detail down below


Exterior Steaming Clean

The daily threat of Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind as we enter thisschool year. How can schools keep their facilities clean and disinfected to help minimize the risk to their students, faculty, and staff? WHile an obvious emphasis has been placed on keeping surfaces inside buildings clean and virus-free, steps should be taken to minimize the tracking in of dirt, bacteria, viruses and other germs. Properly cleaning and sanitizing busses, sidewalks, handrails, playground equipment, football stadiums, and baseball and softball facilities is vital to achieve this.

Power washing plays a vital role in the cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of outdoor surfaces that will minimize the tracking of these viruses, germs, and bacteria indoors. Studies have proven that shoes are capable of tracking in dangerous bacteria. Power washing systems utilizinf hot water technology can be one of the first lines of defense for creating the sanitary barriers needed to prevent the spread of germs like those that carry the coronavirus, COVID-19. It has been determined that this virus can linger on surfaces such as metal, glass, and plastic for as long as nine days.

Interior Steaming Clean

We also offer interior steam cleaning services. Steam vapor cleaning addresses safety and efficiency challenges in schools keeping cleaning standards high for staff and students. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 164 million school days are lost annually because of illness; effective cleaning and disinfection in schools could reduce that number.

Our systems usewater heated to 300°F to form low-moisture steam vapor to sanitize and deodirize. As it is applied to the surface, the steam vapor reaches temperatuers of between 215°F and 230°F. The “dry” steam vapor penetrates into surface micro-pores, and reaches bacteria and mold that are not killed by surface-applied chemical disinfectants. The combination of heat and water in a steam vapor system enables schools to avoid excessive chemical-based cleaning regeimens. Effective steam vapors cleaning also emulsifies grease and oil, and removes even embedded contaminants from surfaces. This processcan be used in many situations, but is especially suited for buses, restrooms, and cafeterias. These areas require maximum disinfection and sanitization and have many hard-to-reach areas.

Steam vs. Traditional Sanitizing


A test conducted at the University of Washington’s Odegard Undergraduate Library, which is used by as many as 15,000 students daily, provides evidence of the benefits of a specialized steam vapor system. Over six weeks, steam was used to deep clean and sanitize restrooms (including fllor tile and grout, baseboards, fittings and fixtures). Swab tests compared the degrees of cleanliness of steam cleaning methods and traditional cleaning methods. Steam cleaning resulted in cleaner fixtures and surfaces. Steam-cleaned faucets, handles and towel dispenser handles were more than 10 times cleaner than those cleaned with traditional methods. The steam vapor method also eliminated student and exposure to chemicals.

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